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By kangmoro

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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TW Mentions of abuse and suicide

AU where Shion’s dad was an abusive scumbag and no one ever really found out- not even Karen because Shion was always just Shion and no one could see anything wrong with him but then one day he overdoses, Karen managed to find him in time to call the ambulance and it takes a while for him to recover since he was almost gone (he’s a genius and knew exactly how much to take for his body weight)  and when he does he has to go to the mental ward for a while.

But he won’t talk about anything, he just evades questions and no one is quite sure just what happened so they decide to group him together with another problem case (though this guy is like the opposite of Shion) and they sorta hit it off right off the bat. Nezumi is convinced Shion is an idiot but Shion sticks with him because god Nezumi’s actually treating him like a person instead of tiptoeing around him and it feels great.

 Turns out Nezumi was in a similar boat to Shion, but Shion doesn’t find that out until after he leaves the ward. He keeps in contact with Nezumi though, even though Nezumi got put with a foster family across the state. Nezumi was growing attached to Shion because even though he wouldn’t admit it Shion was fucking adorable and totally naïve to everything that hurt them and it was a nice change of pace.

 When either of them have a breakdown they end up calling the other, Nezumi with his voice all cold and Shion crying hysterically and they both know each other well enough by now from the hours and hours of texting and online chatting that they know just how to calm the other down. Sometime’s they are on the phone all night.

 Then without really realizing it they start slipping “I love you” s to each other and then they realize they are actually in love??? But the whole thing makes Nezumi uncomfortable since well, ptsd and Shion has similar issues and once Nezumi lives nearby again they work on it very very slowly, then years later they get married. They still have a ton of trauma though, and they both know it. But them being together is the best thing for both of them, since they help each other cope and frankly they feel so much better with the other. 

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Horrible parents, right?

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"If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost."

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by mery

Permission was granted by the artist to use this image.

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  sdr2  komahina



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that’s a flat-out lie!

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Sparkling blue

Artwork by ぢと

*Permission to upload was given by the artist.

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draws kawoshin at 1am

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[ onggang (オンゲン) ]

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